Thursday, May 27, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 157: Braving the wilds of Leroy Merlin

Lots of steps and too many €

Well, today was the day: another big shopping trip to Leroy Merlin. It took us 5 hours and lots of €. We ordered a truckload of larger supplies, to be delivered in about 10 days (ugh I hate having to wait so long): regular drywall, insulated drywall, sound-proof drywall, water-resistant drywall, a soundproofing system to go underneath the ceiling drywall, and subfloor for the front mezzanine. And that was just the delivery order!

We filled our car up with things we could carry: drywall compound, drywall tools, plaster, wood treatment for woodworm and other insects, more electrical supplies, sandblasting kit, mortar for tiling, universal primer, a big sifter for cleaning our sandblasting medium...and the list goes on...and on...

We didn't have time or energy to haul toilets or shower doors home today, plus we didn't bring our roof racks this time. That will be another trip (ugh).

We also arranged for an estimate for heat pump heating/cooling systems. The technician was available this evening, so he came over and looked at the communist apartment, then we had him come to our own apartment, and then he looked at our upstairs neighbor's apartment as well! The exterior heat pumps would all be mounted on our roof, so we climbed out of our neighbor's window onto the roof. I've never been up there before--it has beautiful view of the tiled rooftops of Old Nice.

The technician was great: "Tout est possible." I told him I liked hearing that. More often than not, you hear, "C'est pas possible, c'est pas possible."

We also had our syndic (building co-op) meeting tonight and talked about several projects in our building, some small, some bigger. Fortunately we only have 3 families and one business, so it's easy to get things done.

Inga constructed a "kingdom" for Dolly, complete with a green flag waving in the breeze, thanks to an artfully placed fan. She's been obsessed with setting up the flag and the fan just so.


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