Thursday, May 13, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 143: More wires, more soccer

8,192 steps

Eric brought the 3 oldest kids to pickup soccer this morning. It was a bit too advanced for Ivy, so she stayed home with me. She read and played games while I worked on breech stuff.

Our electrician friend came over to look at some of the main hookups and gave us advice on how to connect the two circuit breakers to the main power line. We have to upgrade the main breaker downstairs from 45A to 60A (something that the electric company does, not us).

Our main power supply lines are only 10mm2 (8 gauge), a bit on the underpowered side. 16mm2 (6 gauge) would be more ideal. Our electrician friend said we could get by with them and only replace if we start shorting out circuits. Or we could replace them right now and not worry about it in the future. He's going to give us an estimate.

But otherwise our wiring looks good so far 🙂

After lunch Eric and I ran more wires, mainly lighting and ethernet (green cables). I stayed a little later to install wood slats over the bigger wall channels to hold everything in place. They'll stay in place until we've filled everything in with plaster on either side. Then we take them out and fill the voids with more plaster.

We took a family walk after dinner. The kids were complaining, "I don't want to go to the Promenade des Anglais! I don't want to go to the port! It's boring!" What a terrible boring life our children have. I almost feel sorry for them. I should specify that Zari wasn't complaining. She wanted me to write that!

Oh and a random video & song Inga made. She's getting ready for Eric's birthday in 5 days.


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