Saturday, May 08, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 138: Soccer & haircuts

13,255 steps

Normally everyone but me goes to play soccer on Saturday mornings, while I go running. Today I decided to join the rest of the family. Zari no longer has Cavigal practice on Saturday mornings, so everyone was able to come. We had a great match with many new kids. We had 8 on 8, almost too many for the field.

After 2 hours of playing, we were all happy to come home, eat lunch, and rest. Then we went out again, everyone except Dio, to the beach. I took a brief nap in the sun and woke up quite hot. I went into the water up to my thighs...and chickened out! The water felt colder than when I swam in March.

I was the first to go back home. I couldn't convince Dio to go outside. But I was able to persuade him to get a haircut. I think I did pretty well :) I'll take pictures tomorrow.

When everyone got home, I was in a haircut mood. I let all 4 kids have a go. It was time for a generous trim, about 8" (20 cm). It might need a bit of straightening up but it was an adventure!

I've decided that I like my hair no longer than my waist. Anything longer and it just starts getting in the way. Now Zari's hair is well over 18" longer than mine!


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