Monday, May 10, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 140: More wires, more saignées, and last-minute test prep

12,186 steps

Another misleading meteo: we had rain and storms forecast all day. Which, right on the coast of Nice, translated into occasional sprinkles of rain, not even enough to truly get wet. Back up in the hills it rains a lot more, but we have a microclimate that keeps the bulk of the rain away.

My new headphones arrived, so now I can use them for more than 15 minutes without the battery dying and only one side working. So nice!

After my run, Eric straightened out my haircut; it was lilting a bit towards the left. It's now straight, more or less.

We ran some more circuits this afternoon. We had some head-scratching moments, but I think I figured most of them out this evening after reading my electricity manual. We might have to hire out the main hookup downstairs in our apartment building, as we need to run a second power line for the 2nd circuit breaker all the way from the main floor meter to our apartment. I'm not sure if we're allowed to do work in the common areas ourselves. Fortunately we have an electrician friend. I'm hoping we can hire him to do everything we can't.

But we have lots to do inside the apartment. I cut several more wall channels and drilled holes for the outlet boxes. I keep finding more that need to be done! But we're getting closer.

Zari takes her brevet blanc tomorrow and Wednesday. She's so stressed that sometimes she gets paralyzed and despondent. I spent the evening helping her to study for math and French. I think we've got the math stuff down. I haven't done some of these things since high school! You know, things like sine, cosine, & tangent. I had to remind myself how to do them so I could help Zari.


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