Sunday, February 28, 2021

Day 69: Lockdown Sunday

7,998 steps

We spent the morning at home baking sourdough and making chocolate decorations for Inga's birthday cake. I found ruby chocolate on sale at Lidl and bought 10 bars.

If you haven't ever tried ruby chocolate, you should! It's a new type of chocolate made from unfermented or lightly fermented cacao beans. It's naturally pale pink and tastes like raspberry white chocolate.

We went up to the chateau after lunch for our allotted hour of physical exercise (although we stretched that hour waaaaay out!). I took Ivy on a walk around the port. "I'm burning thirsty!" she told me.

I found some videos from yesterday at the Place Rosetti. Inga "only" did 61 in this video, but she broke her record off-camera at 78!

Ivy was reading one of our old leather-bound books and she found a poem by Victor Hugo, "Les Djinns." We had to memorize this in our university phonetics & pronunciation class. Brings back good memories...


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