Thursday, February 18, 2021

French renovations, Day 59: More tools!

13,972 steps

I woke Dio up this morning. He moaned, "I don't feel good. My body aches and I have a sore throat." He didn't have a fever, and honestly it was hard to tell if he was sick or just tired. He was crying enough this morning that I let him stay home.

Eric feels like he's coming down with the same thing, so maybe Dio was truly sick :) And Dio usually gets up quickly in the mornings and is eager to go to school.

Dio went back to bed for a while. He looked much better after the second sleep.

Zari, wanting to the Boss Of the World, kept telling him that he wasn't really sick. I kept telling her that it's MY job to be the parent, not hers. She hasn't got the memo yet.

I walked to Lidl to buy a table saw this morning; they were on sale for 99 Euros and were a better quality than the one we have in the US. The box was so big and so heavy there was no way I could get it home myself! I had my little shopping cart that can convert into a dolly, but it was seriously underpowered.

When Eric came home from a pickup soccer match, I convinced him to bring the car and pick it up with me. I'm so excited because we can finally cut the pieces of lumber (salvaged from the mezzanine) that will become the joist supports for the new mezzanine in the back!

When Zari came home from school in the afternoon, I took her and Dio out for a walk. She was Ms. Grumpy Pants for the first half. Dio rode on his scooter and now is very interested in upgrading to a better trick scooter. He's going to sell some of his toys and see if he can afford to buy a new (used) one.

I brought Inga and Ivy to the coulee verte after school. I haven't gone in a while and it was nice to chat with the usual group of parents. The kids were running and playing nonstop--so important to get that energy out!

Eric made dinner: salad & cassoulet, plus leftover galette des Rois.

Ivy and Zari playing Devine TĂȘte

A picture of this year's Carnaval theme: Carnavalovirus (taken by a friend). No city-wide celebrations this year.


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