Saturday, February 20, 2021

French renovations, Day 61: Scooters, jackets, parties, and spearfishing...minus the fish

7,811 steps

Renovating is on a short pause until Monday.

Ivy woke up in good spirits and ravenously hungry. "At least I didn't break my leg, or my neck!"

Dio decided to use his soccer prize money to buy a used trick scooter. (He got money for doing 100 juggles in a row without letting the ball touch the ground.) He and Eric took a trip this morning to La Turbie, which is right above Monaco.

All he can talk about now is riding his scooter, trying new tricks on his scooter, going to the skate park...he falls into things passionately and intensely. He also founds out of interest just as deeply.

I constructed a cast-friendly jacket for Ivy. I realized that she couldn't put on any of her usual jackets because the cast is too big to fit through the sleeves.

I found an old fleece shirt that was in our "donate" pile. I cut and hemmed one sleeve and cut the front open all the way. Ivy went through my box of fabric scraps and picked a hand-woven silk to go down the front. It fastens with Velcro and is easy to take on and off.

So that took up most of the morning. As usual, I over-engineered it but Ivy is thrilled with it. (Jenn B, you should recognize the silk from the Mei Tai I made you!)

We were at a friend's birthday party all afternoon. Ivy was the center of attention. We brought a pack of markers so all of her friends could decorate the cast. In the video, they are joking about drawing poop ("caca") on the cast.

While we were gone, Eric went spearfishing for 3 hours but didn't get anything. He usually comes home with several things to eat.

I made Tuscan butter gnocchi. Thumbs up from everyone and something I'll repeat in the future.

Right before bed Zari styled Dio's hair.


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