Friday, February 26, 2021

French renovations, Day 67: Poetry recording and sunbathing

5,568 steps (and biking)

Eric is working on an exposition with the Grotte du Lazaret, a prehistoric archeological site right here in Nice. This is a cave where humans lived tens of thousands of years ago. The exposition is themed around the idea of "Desire" and is part of a national event called Le Printemps des Poètes.

The Grotte is pairing with LabSynthE at the University of Dallas to do a multimedia production inside the cave. They will have poetry readings playing in the background on a continuous loop (in both French and English). They're also creating large panels with selected poems in both languages. Eric will also be giving a lecture (in French) about being a writer in Nice.

The director wanted to showcase international poets. Eric selected the poems, arranged author permissions, and translated the poems from English into French. This morning, both of us headed over to the Grotte to record the English versions. I did the ones written by women, Eric did the ones by men. I had to put on my "dramatic poetry reading" hat. I hope it turned out okay!

The exposition will likely take place in April (originally scheduled for late March, but likely delayed due to Covid-19). If you're in the area, please come visit the exposition! 

While we were gone, the kids made teeny tiny fast food with playdough.

Inga spent the afternoon with a friend at two different parks. Eric went spearfishing and caught 3 fish (dinner tonight!). I brought everyone else for a glorious afternoon at the beach. We basked in the sun until we almost felt too hot. Ivy was SUPER SAD that she couldn't swim. I helped her dip her feet in the water but it wasn't enough.


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