Sunday, February 14, 2021

French renovations, Day 55: Family walk

11,834 steps

I was going to say it was cold today--and it was, for Nice--but all of you stuck in a polar vortex would laugh at me. Cold for Nice = high of only 45°F (9°C). At least it was sunny; the extra radiant heat made being outside quite pleasant as long as we weren't in the shade.

Dio went to a friend's house for the afternoon. We baked (and ate) sourdough bread and watched the season 2 finale of Blown Away. We all really liked both contestants so either way we were excited to see who was the winner. (Side note: I think the person who didn't win had the better gallery exhibition.)

Instead of picking Dio up in the car, we decided to take a nice family walk. We walked past the Roman arena in Cimiez. The kids stayed for a few minutes to play, then we all walked home. Inga held my hand on the way up and was a total chatterbox. On the way home, Eric raced with the 3 youngest kids and Zari and I had a good talk.

Dinner (Eric) was salmon and green beans. We ate Zari's tarte au chocolat topped with whipped cream and raspberries.


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