Wednesday, February 24, 2021

French renovations, Day 65: A new power tool and getting ready for the Big Cut

16,306 steps

I get ridiculously excited when we buy power tools. Today's acquisition was a wall chaser (rainureuse). This is something I'd never heard of before coming to France. Back in the US, our walls are hollow so you just run your wires/pipes inside the walls.

Not in France! Most walls here are solid: stone, brick, concrete, etc. A rainureuse has two diamond-tipped blades that cut parallel channels in brick, stone, plaster, concrete, etc. You then chisel the channels out and that's where you put your plumbing or electricity.

We've got the beam ready to cut tomorrow morning. Please give me any last minute suggestions if you think something looks wrong!

Our squab is doing well. It's fluffier and more vigorous. I'm wondering if that egg is a 2nd egg or if it's just the shell with the unbroken side facing up. I guess we'll see...

Zari had the big orthodontist consultation today. She'll have braces for 18 months, then 1-2 years of wearing a clear retainer at night. Routine adjustments occur every 5-6 weeks. Oh the joys of parenthood.


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