Tuesday, February 16, 2021

French renovations, Day 57: More ceiling removal and some demolition regret

9,167 steps

Eric got the rest of the plaster off the first half of the ceiling. We keep going back and forth as to whether we should have taken it all off, or just removed the loose parts and patched them up. Today was one of those "Ugh, we shouldn't have removed it all!" days. But I think it will be okay. The other side is in much worse shape so we'll likely need to take that down, too.

I cleaned and bagged the debris while Eric worked with the jackhammer. We discovered another rotten area (hooray for us). This is more mystifying because it's in the middle of an interior wall. Why would the wood be rotting there?

Of course nothing is straight or level so it's going to be interesting putting drywall up.

Ivy and Inga were thrilled to have Carnaval at school, even if it wasn't as elaborate as usual. They twirled and fluttered their cloaks and had lots of admiring comments. Ivy requested a "Medieval hairstyle." Without lots of time in the morning, this is the best I could come up with.

Don't you adore Ivy's mushroom dress? I found it at a thrift store. The inner lining fabric is all mushrooms as well.

Eric gave a presentation for a colleague's class, then I had a Zoom meeting to work on our grant application, then Eric had a virtual reading. It was another busy Zoom day for us!

We're still trying to sort out the "cave" in the basement. We ran into one of the musicians who belongs to the association that owns the other cave. Apparently they're going to give us a key some time soon...but they also keep insisting that both of the caves are theirs, and we can have a spot in the hallway between the two caves. (Never mind that our purchase agreement clearly states that we have one cave and they have one cave.)

Comrade is working on getting us all sorts of documents attesting to which part should be ours. He called me today to assure me he's working on it and that he'd pay for legal fees, if necessary. I hope it doesn't come to that. He inquired about how the renovations were going and reminded us that he's happy to help if we need anything. We ❤️ Comrade.


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