Friday, February 19, 2021

French renovations, Day 60: A pain in the neck and a broken wrist

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I was planning on writing about the crick in my neck--it was lining up to be the most exciting thing in an otherwise mundane day--but then BAM! Life got a lot more exciting.

Ivy and Inga were at the chateau with Eric over the lunch break. I walked up to say hi. Right when I arrived, I heard Inga calling me over. "Ivy broke her wrist!"


I vaulted over the fence and came to take a look. She had just fallen down a few minutes before I arrived. The crazy thing is she was on a toddler slide and only fell from about 4 feet up!

She was sitting wrapped in a blanket, holding her arm, and in terrible pain. Eric had just got off the phone with the ambulance.

I took a look and ugh! Arms shouldn't be able to do that. (Spoiler alert: she broke both the radius and the ulna near the extremity.)

Neither of us had wallets or ID with us, since it was just a short visit over lunch. We sent Inga back to school with friends. The paramedics stabilized her arm and got her on a gurney. I stayed in the ambulance with Ivy, and Eric went home to pick up our wallets.

We rode to Lenval, the big children's hospital, which is just a few kilometers from Old Nice. I couldn't do much more than comfort Ivy with touch and words.

Eric got to Lenval quickly, but due to Covid restrictions he couldn't come in. He passed off my wallet and medical cards to a nurse. He stayed for a while, texting and calling, hoping that we'd be out soon. But it was obvious that it would take a while. He finally went home to take care of errands, pick kids up from school, make dinner, etc.

We waited in one room for a long time, then finally got brought into "Plâtre 1." More waiting...and waiting. Someone came in to insert an IV line. They put on soothing meditation music and gave Ivy laughing gas to make it easy and painless. She got IV acetaminophen, then finally we went back to get her first x-rays.

More waiting. Finally, they started measuring her arm and prepping the plasters. We still hadn't seen a doctor or been told exactly what was broken.

Then all of a sudden, someone came in and said, "We're going in for the next x-rays. You stay here." I was like, "uh, okay, bye?"

Ivy came back a half hour later with her arm set and totally loopy from all the drugs they gave her (Ketamine, Midazolam, MEOPA). She'd puked during the setting, probably from the medications. Her eyes were rolling back in her head and she was moaning and talking erratically.

She finally took a long nap. She had to stay for 2 hours anyway, so they could monitor her as the drugs wore off.

I don't know many more details because they never sent a doctor in to discuss things with me! It was the most bizarre hospital ER visit I've ever had. No one ever came after the x-ray or after the bone setting to actually sit down and tell me what happened.

At the end of our stay, they gave me a stack of papers, explained a few things about the cast and follow up visits, and sent me on my way. Still no consultation or explanation. Huh.

They set her wrist at a right angle. I've never seen that before. I asked one of the people about it (not sure if she was a doctor or a nurse, since no one had nametags). She said that since the wrist broke in one direction, they like to set it in the other direction so it doesn't get pulled in the way it broke. I guess we'll have to trust them on that.

Ivy's accident happened around 1 pm and we got home around 6:45. She tried to eat but wasn't feeling well. She puked a whole bunch and finally was able to take a few sips of water and juice.

Please, no more broken bones!

Top quotes from Ivy today:

"Garrett would probably be very interested in seeing my x-rays." (Talking about her uncle who is a MD)

"Mama, if you took a slow-mo shot of me breaking my wrist, do you think that would be interesting?"


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