Friday, February 12, 2021

French renovations, Day 53: Goodbye, plaster ceiling (and hello, rotten wood....noooo!)

13,632 steps

I felt tired and sluggish this morning, but I powered through 2 1/2 hours of renovation work. It was so much harder than I had anticipated! I guess holding a heavy jackhammer over your head for 2 hours qualifies as hard labor.

I discovered a significant amount of rot in the corner affecting part of the main beam and a few of the connecting beams. I'm most concerned about what's causing the rot (water). Right on the other side of the wall are the main sewer stack and water supply lines. I highly suspect there's a slow leak of some sort; in the hallway the plaster is peeling and flaking where it's near the sewer line. If we just repair the rotten parts inside the apartment, it won't address the reason for the rot.

But on the up side, fixing the main sewer/water lines is our whole building's responsibility. Anyway, another thing to have the plumber look at.

Eric took the kids to the park during lunch while I was still working. Inga is honing her dribbling skills.

Zari and I took a walk to the big supermarket to buy some school supplies. I let her choose a treat, and she picked Orangina Rouge. I don't like pop and drink it...well, basically never. But I have to admit this one is really good. I even drank a half glass.

Zari went to a different orthodontist today for an exam and the initial impressions. Back when I was young, they had me bite down into this stiff compound. But now they have a digital scanner that creates a 3D rendering of the entire mouth. Pretty cool. We have to get x-rays done at the radiology center, then come back in 10 days for an evaluation and full pricing breakdown.

I am totally exhausted! But I didn't let myself sit still today, so at least I avoided an accidental nap.

Eric made dinner tonight: a big salad and cassoulet. Yum.


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