Wednesday, February 17, 2021

French renovations, Day 58: Teeth & soccer

My fitness tracker battery died...

I worked all morning on a breech data collection form. Finicky but necessary.

Then, over the next 4 1/2 hours, I...
  • brought Zari for oral x-rays (and had to leave her there to fend for herself, in order to get back in time)
  • brought Dio to get fit for a mouth guard. He grinds his teeth at night. Inga and Ivy complain that it's super loud.
  • dropped Dio off at home, caught the tram up to Cavigal
  • picked up Ivy from soccer practice
  • went to Aldi for a quick grocery run
  • took our groceries home on the tram. Ivy hung from a bar the whole time.
  • unloaded groceries, prepped dinner (turkey filets stuffed with guacamole & rolled in prosciutto)
  • finally ate my first meal of the day at 14:30
  • brought Dio up to his soccer practice at the chateau
  • came back home and got started on dessert (galette des Rois)

After dinner I had a zoom meeting with a midwife who's contributing her breech & twin data. (Hi! You know who you are!)


Then more breech data collection work

Now it's 10:40 pm. I should probably stop and do something fun/relaxing/not work.


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