Thursday, February 25, 2021

French renovations, Day 66: The Big Cut!

8,776 steps

All of the planning paid off--we got both beams down safely! Zari helped lower the smaller beam.

This also marks the end of the demolition phase and the beginning of re-building. I'm sure we'll have more things to tear down here and there, but at least we can change focus.

Eric found a used piano bench today--yay! The kids have been using a folding chair but it's not the right height for any of them.

Ivy had a follow-up visit at Lenval Hospital today. They did another x-ray and found that everything looks perfect. Eric saw both the x-rays and said the "before" one looked horrendous. However, he couldn't even see the fracture on today's x-ray. Ivy got a hard exterior added to her cast (called a "résine"). She'll have it for 3 more weeks.

She's not supposed to run, climb, jump, etc. Oops...she's been doing several of those things. It's hard to keep an active 7-year old still!

We spent several hours outdoors this afternoon. It felt like a late spring day and I didn't want to go in. I had to return at 4 pm for a grant planning meeting. We think we'll be ready to send in our application in about 5 weeks.

Squab is doing well. I wonder what's happening with the other egg (to be named Squeaker if it hatches). 


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