Tuesday, February 23, 2021

French renovations, Day 64: Squabs and squeakers!

9,562 steps

Our dove egg hatched! We hadn't looked inside the flower pot since we first spied the egg. We were sneaking a GoPro over to take a look and scared the mama off...so we swung our shutter over for a quick peek. And we have a new hatchling and what looks like a second egg.

We did some research and learned that doves typically lay 2 eggs that hatch one day apart. We might very well have another one tomorrow.

Did you know? Baby doves are called squabs or squeakers.

Dio spent much of the day at a skatepark. He took a spill and bumped his elbow, wrist, and chin. I'd sent him off this morning with strict instructions not to break a bone 🙂

In the morning, Ivy, Inga, and Zari helped me assemble our new table saw. Eric was eager to cut the beam but I argued that we should have a few more people to help hold the ropes. So we'll likely do that tomorrow. I have everything set up and ready for the big cut.

I also got out our laser level and marked the placement of the mezzanine in the back room. It's a fun tool. Before this renovation, we had always done things the old-fashioned way with a metal level and chalk lines.

I also checked the floors in the front room. Between the front door and the windows (a 7.5 meter span), the floors rise over 3"! The floors also dip down in the center due to the load-bearing beams settling. This is going to be an interesting challenge to make level.


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