Saturday, February 13, 2021

French renovations, Day 54: Blessed by the dumpster diving goddess

6,723 steps (but I forgot to put my tracker on in the morning)

Last night I brought some garbage and recycling to the déchetterie right before curfew. A light rain was falling. I spotted two reusable bags off to the side filled with neatly folded items (always a good sign). They were sheets and duvet covers in a range of colors and sizes, all in wonderful condition. I didn't bother sifting through them because curfew. I just took everything. 

Then on my way out, I glanced at a pile of large items sitting out in the rain. And Lo! the heavens shone down upon an antique quartersawn oak headboard and footboard. They'd been stored in someone's cellar and were covered in a fine layer of earth.

The garbage truck drove up. I told them, "I'm going to take these! Don't load them up--I'll be right back with help!"

I hurried home and got Zari and Ivy as my helpers. A random nice man at the garbage station helped us carry both pieces home.

Today Ivy helped me vacuum and wash the pieces. They look amazing! They could use a new coat of finish to make them good as new. I need to research historically appropriate finishes and I don't want to put a modern polyurethane on something so beautiful.

Here's my plan: make new connecting rails and turn it into a huge, gorgeous daybed in the downstairs apartment. With a back cushion, it would be about the same depth as a couch.

We just found out that the elementary school is still celebrating Carnaval, although with certain restrictions to keep things covid appropriate. We've been brainstorming costume ideas for Inga and Ivy.

Ivy's going to use the cape that Zari made for her Christmas present, plus her mushroom dress and nature shirt (pictures coming another day). I'm sewing Inga a cape made out of purple and blue iridescent organza (from an old curtain I bought at a thrift store). If I have time I might make Inga and/or Ivy medieval dresses but no guarantees.

We ran out of thread midway through Inga's cape, and Ivy's mushroom dress needed new buttons. So the 3 of us took a walk to the fabric store. We found exactly what we needed.

I made dinner: pork larb. Nothing else. It's good enough as it is 🙂 Plus I had a breech live session right during dinner time so that's all I had time for. Later on in the evening Zari made tarte au chocolat but we forgot to eat it. Dessert tomorrow.

We watched the penultimate episode of Blown Away, Season 2. I'm excited for the finale tomorrow!


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