Monday, February 01, 2021

French renovations, Day 42: Vacuuming & planning

6,947 steps

I tried to work on grant writing this morning, but I ended up just reading through old drafts of IRB projects that I hope to borrow from and thinking a lot. Getting started on a big, intellectually challenging project is SO HARD. Once I actually start writing, it gets better. I keep telling myself that...

Eric brought Ivy and Inga to the chateau during their lunch break. I headed down to the communist apartment to vacuum the front room and take measurements in the back. Once it was clean, we moved everything into the front room (tools, bikes, etc.).

Our work will now be in the back room first, with a few small exceptions. Eric and I figured out exactly where the mezzanine will go and how high it will be, where we will install the anchor boards for the loft net, how much lumber we need, etc. I wrote up a shopping list after we'd finished downstairs.

Yay, we get to go back to Leroy Merlin tomorrow! I'd be happier if it weren't always so crowded...We need to install the roof rack on our car so we can carry the big, heavy joists back home.

Piano and dinner lessons took up the rest the day.


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