Saturday, February 27, 2021

French renovations, Day 68:

11,690 steps

We're now under a partial lockdown on the weekends for who knows how long. All non-essential shops are closed, parks/beach/running paths closed, you need papers if you leave your house. France's Covid numbers dropped after lockdown #2, but never got below an average of around 20,000 new infections per day. We've been sitting at this plateau since December, I think.

I convinced Dio to come running with me this morning. I managed to get him out the door and he set off at a good pace. But then...he kept getting side aches and it totally ruined the rest of the run for him. He was crying and despondent and just wouldn't try anymore.

I baked Inga's birthday cakes. They are now in the freezer awaiting frosting and decorations. I can't believe she will be 10 in just a few days!

After lunch I did some careful demolition--more like a tiny trim rather than a drastic haircut. I took down loose plaster on one wall and carefully scraped away the lime plaster on another wall until I got down to the stones.

We're not sure how we're going to finish the upper walls in the back room. I'm leaning towards doing an exposed stone wall on one of the short ends--I love how they look--and then putting drywall on the other walls. It's a compromise as Eric just wants to drywall over everything and I'd like to do even more exposed stone. We'll probably change our minds again as we actually start doing the walls!

Zari helped me bag today's debris while Eric took everyone else out to play soccer at the Place Rosetti.

I did a lot of video editing today for Breech Without Borders. I have several videos I should edit and put up here...but I've lost any will to work this evening. And it's already after 11. I think I'm going to get in bed and read until I fall asleep.


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