Monday, February 22, 2021

French renovations, Day 63: Sick day

2,516 steps

I have learned that 2,500 steps is the bare minimum needed to sit around all day sick. Thing is, even though I was sedentary, I didn't rest. I'm not saying this as a humble-brag, either. I don't rest enough when I need to.

I did Breech Without Borders' taxes, watched loads of home renovating videos, edited and produced some videos. You know. Like you should do when you're sick, right?

Oh yeah, plus 2 loads of laundry and dinner (with enough leftovers for another night).

We missed our hike :( Boo.

Good news: whatever is going around our family is NOT Covid. I got tested this morning.

We all watched "The Social Dilemma" this evening. Oh the irony of writing about this on Facebook. The pandemic created some huge changes in our family with device usage. Before, our kids hardly ever went on our phones or laptops. But all of the online schooling last spring and fall created a habit of just grabbing the phone on impulse. 

Even with our fairly strict rules (15 minutes of device time per day), it's been hard to keep a reasonable limit. Someone will go overtime and just not tell me....or they'll be "just looking something up" and it turns into 20 minutes of random YouTube know, the normal time suck.

A partially finished drawing of Inga...Even with just the eyes, it is 100% Inga. 


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