Thursday, April 15, 2021

French apartment renovation, Day 115: We have a (sub)floor!

It's so rewarding to start and finish a job all in one day--actually, all before lunchtime. We installed the tongue & groove subfloor. It was a bit of pain because about half of the boards were warped (the lumberyard stores its lumber outside in the rain???). But we got it all in place and forced it into submission.

The kids got ready for the day (which in theory means brushing teeth, making beds, and getting dressed) and practiced piano. Then they were allowed to watch one episode of Kipo. After that they exercised (PE With Joe) and then they got to watch another episode. Ivy came down each time an episode finished to inform us of their progress and to ask permission to watch another one. We ended up letting them watch 4 episodes while we were working.

Dio and Zari both had soccer practice after lunch. Eric took Ivy and Inga to the chateau and I recorded my breech research update. It's not perfect but it's good enough. The next step is video editing.

So yeah, I ended around dinnertime and was feeling kaput. But my day wasn't done: I had two Zoom meetings from 7-9 pm. 


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