Friday, April 16, 2021

French apartment renovation, Day 116: Friday is the new Thursday

8,627 steps

Well, everyone got their exercise in today except for me. I did go on a long walk (to the hardware store) but didn't do anything to break a real sweat.

We started installing the subfloor in the hallway and then ran out of screws. Hence the trip to the hardware store. It was past noon by time I got back.

Eric had some ideas of how to completely reimagine our apartment but I'm not entirely convinced it would work. It would involve kids' bedrooms only accessible by going through the parent's bedroom and then the parent's bathroom. But the idea behind it was good: keep more of the front & back parts connected.

I was convinced today was Thursday. Being on school vacation will do that to a person.

I had another Zoom meeting this evening and worked on video editing much of the day. I love what I do. I don't love that I always have something to work on and no set hours. It's too easy to let my projects fill all of my time.


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