Sunday, April 18, 2021

French apartment renovation, Day 118: Sunday but not sunny day

14,663 steps

Rain was forecast most of the day, but we ended up with just a mostly cloudy day. Not too bad! I got several good walks in, some by myself and some with sidekicks.

Our afternoon was mostly lazy, playing games or reading or working on the computer (cough cough, that would be me). Dio spent the afternoon playing with a friend. I said it was fine as long as they stayed outside.

We went out for a quick hour in the afternoon. Zari and I went on a walk, then filled 6 bottles with sparkling water. It's like going to the village well, only with bubbles!

Comrade stopped by to look at our progress and give his advice on a few things. We mentioned we needed to sandblast the wood ceiling and the old beams, and he offered to lend us his 150L air compressor. We would just need to buy the pistol, hose, and blasting medium. We can do a test to see if his compressor has adequate airflow. We love Comrade!

I made chicken pot pie for dinner, always a favorite.

Well, time to do something relaxing this evening. I listened to the Mormon Stories interview with Natasha Helfer today. She's a sex/marriage therapist who is facing excommunication for advocating for good clinical practices (which often clash with official Mormon church teachings around sexuality & gender issues).

Yeah, that's got me a bit riled up. Down with patriarchy and sexual shame! Yay for positive, empowering messages about sex and bodies and relationships! So now I need something bland and boring to occupy my evening:)


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