Monday, April 19, 2021

French apartment renovation, Day 119: Happy birthday to me!!!!

9,827 steps

A busy day. The 3 youngest kids were supposed to go to the Bois des Lutins, but we found out it got closed over the weekend due to a new regional Covid regulation. Instead, Inga and Ivy went with our friends to a hike, visit to an old fortress, and tour of Eze village. They were gone all day and had a wonderful time. They got treated to ice cream and barbecue potato chips. Kid heaven.

Once we got them sent off, I went running, showered, and then got dressed to work downstairs. We got the hallway subfloor installed, did some more talking and head-scratching, and created an action plan for tomorrow (jackhammer off the other half of the ceiling). We cleared out the entire room and cleaned up. Yes, we'll just get it messy all over again, but at least our tools will all be out of the way.

I wanted to get more done today, but that's life. I tried calling the plumber AGAIN (this time it went straight to voicemail, so I left a message). At what point do I give up?

I did more breech work in the afternoon. Also Eric persuaded me to go to the beach and read in the sun. Zari came along, too. I read a few more chapters of Obama's memoir and Eric quizzed Zari on lots more random vocabulary words. I pulled two words off the page I was reading. One was "eminent." I can't remember the other one. But anyone who can use two SAT worthy words on a random page has my respect.

Then...dinner! Eric put together a masterpiece:
  • asparagus
  • bacon, mushroom, onion, & Roquefort quiche
  • smoked trout & mussel quiche
  • 3 kinds of cheese
  • blueberries in cream
  • Opéra cake

We have tons of leftovers so I won't need to cook dinner tomorrow. Even better!


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