Thursday, April 29, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 129: Rain and outlet holes

??? my fitness tracker needs to be recharged

Rain was forecast all day. But I was able to sneak in a run this morning before it started in earnest. It progressed from a drizzle, to a steady rain, to a downpour, to a thunderstorm. I love listening to storms! There's something moody and cozy about thunderstorms, maybe because I grew up in the Midwest where they are an everyday part of life.

Eric went to play soccer mid-morning, while I stayed and worked on the communist apartment. I drilled 7 double outlet boxes, which means 14 holes to mark, drill, and clear out. So now all of the downstairs outlets are ready, except for in the toilet room. We need to cut short vertical channels to connect them to the horizontal channels, but that's a quick job.

Eric came home well past noon, totally soaked. But he said it was so fun--running around full speed for several hours in the rain, totally blowing past the 20-year-olds who think they are hot stuff.

I did some work in the afternoon and helped kids with homework. Oh, I baked bread this morning.

And then--insert angelic singing here--the sun came out at dinner time. Eric and I said, "Let's go on a walk!" Inga really wanted to come so we let her tag along. It was absolutely gorgeous with clear skies and that fresh after-rain smell.

When we got home, Inga and Ivy disappeared into the attic. What were they up to? We discovered when it was bedtime: they had constructed an elaborate garland of toilet paper. Which of course had to be ripped down before bed.

I snuggled Zari in bed tonight. She gets really chatty when we're together and the lights are off. She said, "Even though I don't do a lot of things with friends here, being with my family more than makes up for it." Awwww....


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