Sunday, April 04, 2021

French renovations, Day 104: Easter holiday

6,530 steps

We live in a medieval village with a cathedral or church on every other street. We have bells that ring all throughout the day. I wake up to one set of bells, know it's X time throughout the day becuase of other bells. But on religious holidays, the bells go crazy. I love it.

We had a lazy, quiet morning at home. The kids were decorating Easter eggs all morning with acrylic paint. We kept asking them when they wanted to do the Easter egg hunt. The prerequisite was that they clean up their bedrooms. Finally, well after noon, they started cleaning up!

Then the fun began. We sent the kids out of the house, counted the chocolates, and then hid them all over. Each child was assigned X # of chocolates to find, to ensure that everyone came out equal. Dio was the last to finish and was really frustrated by the end. I'm amazed they found every single one!

While they were searching for eggs, we prepped a late lunch/early dinner. Green beans sauteed in olive oil & lemon juice (Eric), homemade biscuits (me), shrimp & vegetable tart (store-bought), and duck or sea scallops in puff pastry shells (also store-bought), followed by tarte au chocolat with fresh strawberries.

I think it's the first time I've bought something store-made for a holiday, but it was delicious and on clearance! Such a difference being in France vs. the US. I would never buy pre-made meals back in the States.

Inga ate so much chocolate that her stomach was really hurting after the meal. Poor girl!

We watched an episode of "The Unlisted" and then played Egg Wars, a Freeze family tradition. You smash your hardboiled eggs together, one-on-one, until just one egg is left unbroken. I'd like to show a video but uploading to FB hasn't been working for me at all lately. Plus I haven't edited it yet!

Inga was so sad that her eggs eventually succumbed. She named them and made them little RIP signs and didn't let us mix them with the rest of the deviled eggs. Oh yeah, we made deviled eggs with Roquefort & lardons, a French twist on bacon & blue cheese. YUM!!

We watched one more episode, then went on a walk. We refilled our bottles with sparkly water because why not?


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