Tuesday, April 13, 2021

French renovations, Day 113: Progress

Who knows how many steps because I forgot to put on my fitness tracker....

Sun! I can finally get our laundry dry. I did 3 loads to day and am still catching up. One or two days of rain mess everything up. 

I went on a run and then got the kids to get ready for the day with the promise that we'd watch one episode of Kipo. The caveat: they had to do PE With Joe after the first episode. So we all got in some good exercise, too.

Eric was downstairs writing in the dusty communist apartment (the musicians were practicing in the basement so Eric didn't go down there). He could hear us thumping around as we were doing burpees or high knees. Also he heard the arguing and various drama that inevitably happened.

Eric took Inga out to the beach right after lunch for a quick sunbathe. She loved it--she finally took her shirt off at the end and said it felt wonderful.

Then, finally, we worked in the communist apartment. Inga and Ivy helped me frame a little wall. It was slower than usual because we don't have a framing nailer. Instead, we did everything with deck screws. It's super secure and fits perfectly. High five to us for good measuring and drilling!

The girls also helped me pull nails out of the wall and take out more of the old wiring.

We also cut a few more channels in the wall and planned where we need to install a little wall cleat. This will allow us to install the pine subfloor tomorrow! So excited!

We've given up on hiring the plumber we wanted--he hasn't returned my 2 emails or my 2 texts. So we're just going to plan on doing it ourselves and hope for the best. I still would like to hire out the toilet waste plumbing because the one plumber we liked said he could bury all the lines in the wall, which would solve a lot of issues. We don't have the tools or expertise to do that, as it would involve tying into the old cast iron and moving some of it around.

Dio rode scooters with a friend in the afternoon, and Zari had a practice at Cavigal. So we all had lots of exercise by the end of the day!

Dinner was on Eric tonight: broccoli, escargots, sea scallops in cream & Vermouth sauce, and then peach ice cream floats for dessert. It was a bit of "what can we make with the random things we have left in the fridge?" and it worked out okay in the end.

We let the kids stay up late to watch the first half of the Champions League knockout match between PSG and BAY. I wanted the younger girls to go to bed on time but Eric persuaded me otherwise. "It's vacation!"


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