Monday, April 05, 2021

French renovations, Day 105: Easter holiday #2

11,950 steps 

 It's a national holiday today so shops are closed. And it's springtime, so even though we're in lockdown everyone is outside walking around. It's okay--we are allowed outside. But crowds of people kind of destroy the feeling of "confinement." 

Inga went running with me in the morning. She kept up, mostly. We had to stop a few times because of side aches or "growing pains." Her words. She's super fast but isn't used to running longer distances without stopping. 

On our way home we saw something amusing: a boat carrying boats. Specifically, a boat carrying yachts. Kind of like how semi trucks carry cars? Imagine that x100. 

What did we do the rest of the morning? I worked on a research update for Breech Without Borders. Kids read books or played "air hockey" with empty chocolate coin wrappers. 

We wanted to go to the beach after lunch, but we ended up having piano lessons earlier than usual. I had to send everyone out of the house at 4 pm for a meeting, so they went to the beach even though it wasn't quite as nice out. Still it was partly sunny. Ivy and Inga swam. Zari, Dio, and Eric basked in the sun. I joined everyone when my meeting was done and read another chapter in Obama's memoir. 


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