Friday, April 02, 2021

French renovations, Day 102: Slow going

14,013 steps

Our chemical anchor arrived today, so we anchored one board to the stone wall in the hallway. On the other side is a thin solid wall interspersed with pieces of wood right at the height of the board. We'll attach it with lag bolts that should arrive tomorrow.

Zari came down and helped us. We did a few other smaller things: a bit of jackhammering, prying out the ends of the beams that we cut (leaving one behind that we'll trim and clean up...a bit of history embedded in the wall!). A bit of cleaning and vacuuming. Still no major progress on anything, which is frustrating.

Zari drew pictures in the dust.

I worked on breech stuff the rest of the day: entering in scholarship applications, updating spreadsheets, sending reminder emails for our followup surveys, working on the 2020 research update.

Ivy begged to go swimming again after school. It was cooler and starting to be overcast, but she didn't care. I let her go for a short hour while I went on a walk. There were a group of friends at the beach, but she was the only one in the water! And she did NOT want to get out.

I made roast chicken with wild thyme and rosemary (picked during last Sunday's hike) and beets. No time for fancy today.


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