Sunday, April 25, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 125: Who does the best braids?

13,664 steps

We had a braid contest: who could do the best braid on Zari's hair? And could Zari correctly guess whose was whose? Not too surprisingly, she guessed mine correctly but she was wrong on the 3 others.

Zari is wearing a linen J.Jill shirt that Eric bought for me 22 years ago. I haven't worn it for a while, as the style is a bit boxy. But it looks great on Zari! It's one of the few things I've held on to over the years.

Eric called me midday "Inga and Dio have invited friends over for the afternoon. Can they come?" Ugh, we've had so many of these conversations! We have a rule that we don't have friends over indoors right now. Outdoors is fine. But the problem is, it was just about lunchtime and they would be over the whole afternoon. So we had to feed them lunch.

Which meant *I* had to cook them a full lunch since we didn't have anything to eat. And I had to bend the rules: I let them come and we opened up all the windows while we ate. Eric made crepes too so they had a huge meal.

Then we went to the chateau for the rest of the afternoon. We met up with several families--repeating theme when you live in Old Nice. The park was packed with people--like you typically only see on big holidays. I have no idea why.

I started The Autobiography of Malcolm X yesterday at the beach and just finished it today.

I also cooked a double dinner tonight (Tuscan butter gnocchi) so we have enough for another dinner.

School starts tomorrow: in-person for Inga and Ivy, virtual for Zari and Dio for one more week.


  1. Rixa,

    I read everything you write and have since you were pregnant with Ivy.

    This post made me sad though because you and your husband are still newly vaccinated and you put those friends at risk just by having them in your home.

    I spent several hours yesterday compiling the data for this post:

    This side of Covid has not broken through into the main stream press, and it may never because of how censored events are right now, but I just had to share because you obviously do not know.

  2. More here:


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