Thursday, April 01, 2021

French renovations, Day 101: Foiled again

7,189 steps

We haven't made much progress on the communist apartment this week. So today we had grand plans to finish installing the mezzanine in the hallway. We drilled the holes in the header plates and embedded 3 of the threaded rods in the wall, then realized that we had run out of scellement chimique (chemical anchor)! I went to one of the bigger local hardware stores, Ciffreo Bona, but their prices were so high that we decided to purchase the supplies on Amazon.

So we had to call it quits today.

Dio went back to school this morning. I was in bed because, yet again, I woke up in the middle of the night and had a hard time sleeping after that.

Big day today: Ivy FINALLY got her cast off. But she's not entirely done yet! She has to wear a brace (atelle) for another 3 weeks, and we go back for one last x-ray. That will make 9 weeks total.

Eric settled the bills and, thanks to our carte vitale, our portion of the payment was less than € 100. I think the total fees out of pocket were around € 400. That's for the ambulance ride, the ER visit, multiple medications and x-rays before & during the bone setting, then a 1-week follow up visit and x-ray, a 4-week visit & x-ray and a new cast, and then today's 6-week visit, x-ray, and cast removal.

Ivy came home smiling and ready for a swim! Eric and I both came to get some sun, then Eric had to leave to pick up Inga. A few of Ivy's friends and their parents ran into us at the beach after school. I didn't go in the water today; I would have if it had been mid-day.

It's late, so I will edit and post the videos tomorrow. I need to get in bed and read something entertaining (but not too exciting...I'm aiming for mildly interesting. I need to be able to fall asleep!)


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