Thursday, April 08, 2021

French renovations, Day 108: Headache

9,508 steps

I've had a headache all day, the kind that feels like my head is inside a vice grip. Yay. Did you know that Eric has never had a headache in his life? Never ever.

Zari is babysitting overnight. Both she and the little girl tested negative so I feel okay about letting her do it. She called to let me know everything went well so far, except it took her longer than expected to get the girl to bed. I think we parents expect that with babysitters! We finished the last of her homework over the phone, with her dictating and me typing in her answers and submitting them online.

Eric and I left the kids to fend for themselves in the morning and did some work in the communist apartment. We attached the 2nd ledger board in the hallway and put in a few lag bolts in the mezzainine structure, now that we have the right size drill bits. We also found the right size lumber from our salvage pile--roughly the size of American 2x4s, and cut them to size for a small wall we are building. Not a ton, but at least we did something.

The house was a mess when we came back up, papers and books and pencils scattered everywhere. Yay quarantine schooling. And productivity was...well...not so great.

I finally went out for a mid-afternoon walk. Earlier in the afternoon, Eric went to the beach to read in the sun for a bit.

And the rest of my day was filled with breech work and assisting children with homework. I think I need to get into bed and read some "brain candy" to distract me from my headache. Bonne nuit!


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