Wednesday, April 14, 2021

French renovations, Day 114: Subfloor & soccer

10,997 steps

We spent the morning in the communist apartment getting ready to install the tongue & groove subfloor. We installed a cleat in the wall that will support the far ends of the subfloor that stick out past the last joist. Then we cut several boads, did lots of head-scratching because of course the room is not square, and installed the first board.

I made a fast-motion video but to be honest, there's not all that much to see! Tomorrow's should be better.

At that point we realized that the screws we had weren't great--we bought them back when we were planning on installing OSB. As it was getting close to lunch, we called it a day.

I went to buy better screws at Ciffreo Bona and Eric ate and got Ivy ready for soccer. I got home, ate a quick lunch, and then brought Inga to soccer and did the usual grocery trip to Aldi on the way home. Dio brought himself to soccer practice.

I got a few fun things in the mail: two instruction manuals about plumbing and electricity and a diamond drill bit. Yay! Also our electrical supplies arrived on a pallet this afternoon, just as Zari and I were heading out to her orthodontist appointment.


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