Tuesday, April 20, 2021

French apartment renovation, Day 120: Third time's the charm?

11,673 steps

We might have found a plumber! We had a new plumber come by this morning. He said everything we wanted would be entirely doable. He was very pleasant and professional and sent us an estimate this evening. And...his estimate was far better than the other two!

The only drawback: he's booked for the next month. So we will do other stuff while we're waiting for him. Our plan is to hire him for the complicated hallway plumbing and for the back apartment. Then we'll do the front ourselves, maybe, depending on our budget and our schedule at that point. But his estimate is so reasonable that we may very well just pay him for everything.

After he left, Eric and I got a few good hours' work done, jackhammering off more of the ceiling and cleaning up debris. It's messy but so satisfying. We also cleared off the skim coat of plaster on one of the upper walls. It was loose and crumbling almost everywhere, so we took it all off.

Then, time for fun! We met up with a group of friends in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. We took a hike, well more like a pleasant stroll, along the Sentier du Littoral. Then we went back to Plage Passable. The littler kids all went for a swim but it was too chilly for me to try :)

We loved watching Rusty, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy, trying to bury his stick and going in the water (and on the paddleboard!) for the first time.


Eric went spearfishing and came back with a rouget and a mulet.

Dio stayed home because he had afternoon soccer practice. Even having one kid absent makes the family feel so small and quiet.


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