Wednesday, April 21, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 121: Not a simple wall

9,235 steps

We had a slow start this morning. Eric woke up early, then came back in bed for a 2nd sleep until I woke up, then he had a 3rd sleep on the couch once we were all up and eating breakfast.

We built our shower wall, which looks stupidly simple but was actually quite complex. Since the room is not square, that means the mezzanine hits the wall NOT at a right angle. However, the inside angle of the shower needs to be a perfect right angle.

So to solve this issue, we built a wall that is slightly thicker on one end to correct for the angled wall. So now inside the shower it's a perfect right angle and on the outside, the wall lines up perfectly with the edge of the mezzanine. You'll never know that the wall itself changes thicknesses (about 15 cm difference over an 80 cm long wall).

We cut top and bottom plates with the correct angles, and then 4 vertical studs each needed to be ripped to the correct thickness, each one a few mm different than the next. And it all worked!

I also jackhammered more bits off the walls. I stopped once we got to some problem areas that I didn't want to disturb too much. We need to do some reinforcing before destroying anything else in those spots.

After a late lunch we got everyone out (except Dio--he had soccer practice). The forecast said rain all day, but we saw the sun peeking out. So we headed to the beach. It was windy and we'd get a minute or two of sun, then a minute or two of cloud cover. We weren't quite warm enough and even Ivy chickened out and decided not to swim.

I made chicken thighs roasted with garlic & wild rosemary (picked on one of our hikes), plus choucroute garnie (sauerkraut with sausages). Eric made a salad.


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