Wednesday, April 07, 2021

French renovations, Day 107: Snow?!?

4,279 steps

There was snow up in the hills above Nice. It was a "warmer" 8C here when I opened the windows, which is surprisingly cold for April. We're currently watching the Champions League game, where it's snowing. We let Ivy and Inga stay up with the older kids and watch the first half.

Sadly we didn't work in the communist apartment today...I think this is the longest stretch we've taken since we bought the apartment. We have both been so busy with our own work, plus quarantine schooling on top of everything.

But! I am determined! We shall do some work tomorrow. And it helps that a set of drill bits--very important ones--arrived today.

We had our usual soccer afternoon. Ivy went for the first time since she broke her arm. Technically she's not supposed to play soccer, or even run at all, for another 6 weeks. Sorry, this little girl needs to run! I don't think there's too much risk in her doing drills and mini-scrimmages, compared to all the other running around she does the rest of the day.

I've been immersed in putting together by breech research update presentation. I have my little spot on the living room sofa--as much as an office as I'll get in this tiny apartment--and I'm there mostly nonstop. I'll get up to help kids, or eat, but then I'm back again as soon as possible.

I admit I have a hard time turning off my focus once I'm working on something. (And there is always more work to be done and no set working hours.) I really enjoy working but I know that I tend to ignore/neglect everyone else when I'm in the Zone.

A friend of ours who is a nurse got scheduled for a night shift tomorrow night and needs last-minute overnight babysitting. Zari often watches her daughter, although she hasn't had any opportunities since Covid began. I proposed that we get both Zari and her daughter tested tomorrow to be sure we're not passing something along.

I think that's the best compromise--my friend is in a real bind, being a healthcare provider! I know the rapid antigen tests aren't as accurate as PCR, but it's better than not testing at all.

This picture is from right after Mbappe's first goal. Very exciting!


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