Tuesday, January 24, 2023

French apartment renovations, Day 603: Beams and toes

6,389 steps

Another big workday with good progress. We boxed in the smaller side and central beams and put the first trim pieces in one of the squares. It's a bit slower now that one of us has to be on the scaffolding, but also faster because we have done it all before and have less of a learning curve.

While my dad and I were doing carpentry, Eric was sanding down all of the old original beams. They actually look quite lovely once you sand off the outer black layer. I'm so sad that the original ceiling was torn out in the first place! WHY??!!??

Inga has a broken toenail that has been bothering her, so I took her to a "PĂ©dicure Podologue", aka a podiatrist. She gave some helpful suggestions, reassured Inga that children's nails do break more easily, and filed down the broken parts so they wouldn't get caught on things. We also got a prescription for a hardening treatment. So interesting to see how things get done over here.

I then had a lot of breech work to catch up on and I'm still not done! But it's almost 11 pm and I need to stop working.


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