Monday, January 30, 2023

French apartment renovations, Day 609: A day of many verbs

3,715 steps

Today's renovation work was varied and very, very messy. We hammered, chiseled, mitered, scored wood with a sawzall, cut stone and concrete, ripped boards, drilled pilot holes, countersunk the pilot holes, reinforced joints with backing blocks, caulked, sanded, sprayed woodworm treatment, and boxed in more beams. And at the very end of the day...vacuumed and showered.

I think we'll be done with all of the ceiling carpentry by this Wednesday (which means we can give the air compressor back to Comrade!). Half of the ceiling is sanded and ready to prime. The other half still needs sanding, caulking, and woodworm treatment.

We have a few spots on the floor near the periphery of the room that need concrete poured. We got the floors prepped today, chiseling down any high spots. Our goal is to do the concrete next week before school vacation. Then we can get rid of our cement mixer!

I was so busy working that I realized I hadn't eaten anything all day at 4 pm. I usually fast until lunch or later anyway, but 4 pm is definitely later than my normal meal time.

Dinner was Swedish meatballs on noodles and steamed broccoli.

I gave Dio a haircut this evening.

We had to give the kids (yet another) lesson on not putting their clothes into the wash unless they're actually dirty. Sock and underwear, yes. Soccer clothes after practice (especially shirts), yes. But other things, not necessarily.

Inga got a personal soccer training with Eric while Dio was at practice. They do that most Mondays. He made her work hard!


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