Tuesday, January 31, 2023

French apartment renovations, Day 610: The ceiling is (re)built!

4,566 steps

We did it! The finish carpentry on the ceiling is done!! Never mind that we have loads of sanding, caulking, priming, and painting left. It's time to celebrate!

Now we can get rid of the air compressor. By next week, we should also be able to get rid of the cement mixer.

Eric started priming one area with Zinsser BIN (a shellac-based primer, necessary because the old wood leaches tannins like crazy). Don't worry--it's mint green only because we thought we'd pre-tint the primer. However, the entire tube of pigment only turned it a pale pastel green. So it essentially did nothing except look like the 1950s threw up on the ceiling.

My mom had the idea to do a two-toned ceiling: the big beams and moldings (light wood) painted in one color and the smaller beams inside each square (dark wood) painted in another color. I hadn't thought of that, but it's a good idea.

Eric was gone to soccer practice with Ivy, and then he went straight to his own soccer practice. Zari has been up late tonight studying for a big test (all things having to do with sounds, sound waves, musical noteshearing, the parts of the brain involved in interpeting sound). I'm helping her study which means I've had to learn a lot in order to help her. Some stuff is familiar and a lot is new, especially all of the formulas she has to learn.

I had a breech webinar tonight with Kathy Fray of IIMHCO.

It's been a full day! Tomorrow will be half day of renovations, afternoon of soccer, and then more breech work in the evening.


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