Friday, January 27, 2023

French apartment renovations, Day 606: Ceiling, volunteer help, and a trip to the home improvement store

6,732 steps

I need a fitness tracker that counts how many times I pounded on a chisel with a hammer. Today was another productive day, including transforming 3 warped beams into (mostly) straight beams. They needed to be straightened out because the decorative molding attaches to them. We found a good solution using a reciprocating saw to score lines every 6 cm to the correct depth, then chiseling it out until the beam was straight.

We had some helping this afternoon from two young men, one from the US and one from Scotland. They sanded down the old beams, removing a powdery layer of some sort of centuries-old finish. It's not paint and it comes off fairly easily. When they finished, they looked like coal miners emerging from a hard day's labor.

My dad and I dropped Dio off at soccer this evening, then made a quick trip to Leroy Merlin, the huge home improvement store. I have never seen it so empty! It's normally Black Friday every day, but tonight it was calm and quiet. Who knew that Friday nights are the best time to get renovating supplies?

We had several large, long boards that we barely managed to stuff into the car. They completely blocked my line of sight to the passenger side of the car, so my dad had to be my navigator/side view mirror.

My mom has been working on her baguette technique. Today's were particularly lovely.


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